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Tree Service in Atlanta, GA

Trees can do wonders for your property, from boosting its appeal to providing shade, promoting energy efficiency, and increasing property value. However, they could also become a hassle. Which one depends on the care you give to your trees, and at 4 Brothers Tree Service, we are devoted to administering the best care possible for your trees.

We are certified arborists with more than 15 years of experience dedicated to providing strategic tree service in Atlanta, GA. Our process is as clean as every cut we perform, achieving even the most complex projects with precision and in a timely manner. Our professionals are ready to serve you with diligence 24/7.

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Our Residential & Commercial Tree Services

Tree Removal Services

A diseased, decayed, or structurally unsafe tree can wreak havoc on your property. Only when your safety and investment are at stake will professional tree removal do. Our experts provide tree removal in Atlanta with approved techniques and secure equipment so that nothing compromises your property.

Emergency Services

Our quick and responsive Atlanta area tree service will handle all emergencies. If your tree has suffered from structural damage and threatens your property, just call us, and we’ll promptly address the situation with certified knowledge as your safety guarantee. Contact our tree experts 24/7!

Tree Care

A tree is a great asset when properly taken care of by a true professional. Let us enhance the beauty and health of your trees with the best tree trimming and tree pruning solutions. At 4 Brothers Tree Services, we offer comprehensive tree care plans that allow you to maintain your trees on time and within budget.

Stump Removal

An old tree stump isn’t only unsightly and annoying, but it could also be a hazard as it poses a tripping risk or damages utility lines if the roots are growing too close to them. Removing it is also a time-consuming and complex task, but our professionals can help you accomplish it with stump-grinding solutions.
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The Leading Tree Service Company

There are a lot of trees and contractors out there, but only one can answer all your needs in the best way, and that is 4 Brothers Tree Service. Your satisfaction is our goal, and as a family-owned and operated tree service in Atlanta, we achieve it through the following:

  • 17 years of experience: We have a team of experts who will carry out your projects, making sure that our quality and your satisfaction are always the first priority.
  • License & Insurance: We have what it takes to provide you with the service you deserve, including a backup that benefits your wallet and guarantees your peace of mind.
  • Affordable Prices: With customized tree care plans and top-grade equipment, we work out the best solutions for your needs at accessible prices throughout Metro Atlanta.

Where Can We Serve You?

Nothing is as steady as our tree service in Atlanta, and because we are passionate about serving clients, we go the extra mile beyond Atlanta. Our service area covers all of Metro Atlanta, including the following areas:




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Equipped with the best knowledge and tools, at 4 Brothers Tree Service, we offer the best tree service in Atlanta that will balance your needs and budget with excellent and long-lasting quality. You can contact us 24/7 or get a free estimate today!